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How To Style A Kimono with Models Mafia || VIBE TRIBE

The holidays are about over and it can be tempting to just throw on a coat and a pair of leggings everyday, but you can spice up your look with a statement kimono. You can dress it up or down to add a chic flair to almost any look. It’s all about how
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Everyday Fashion With Eclectic Kurves || VIBE TRIBE

It's the beginning of the new year, and end of the Holiday season. Boy has it been busy. To keep up with everything, I knew complicated outfits weren't going to cut it. Sure, I had holiday-specific looks picked out, but what about the days leading up
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California Winter with The Mama Queen || VIBE Tribe

So this is what winter looks like in San Diego… it’s still looking like Fall but I ain’t complaining because look how gorgeous the trees look! This past week has been so hot during the day and SO cold at night (East Coast peeps can argue with me thou
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