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The Scarf Top Is Our Favorite Summer Trend

Scarf tops are officially back from the early 2000s and we're here for it. Celebrities and influencers have given the simple accessory a new purpose... and that is to make it just about anything. Literally, anything. There is no wrong way to style a scarf, and the possibilities are endless. Originally made to play their role in the colder seasons of the year, scarves are now a versatile accessory that can be used to upgrade your outfit in a variety of ways.

1. Top
The top of the summer. This
 DIY is easy and perfect for a relaxed (and stylish) day out.

2. Hair Accessory

There are infinite ways to tie your scarf around your head. Whether you opt for the head wrap, headband, or a bind to your up-do, any way you choose to style your scarf will of them will add a vibe to your whole look.

3. Neck Tie

A Neck-Tie, also known. as a "neckerchief," is a chic and sure way to spice up any look. Simply tie a small printed square scarf around your neck and voila!

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