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Festival Outfits 101

It’s officially festival season and with festival season, comes festival fashion. Festival fashion is one of the most exciting types of fashion and often people’s favorite event to dress for. There are so many different energies to channel, you first must decide what mood you’re going for: is it boho, gypsy, rocker, punk, electric - really anything goes. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, remember these tips when planning your outfits:

Comfortable footwear is a must
With the amount of walking you'll be doing, you MUST make sure your choice of footwear will get you through the weekend.

Take sunglasses

Will you go round, mirrored, mini, or oversized? The perfect pair of sunglasses is essential to complete your look.

Wear your hair up
Wearing your hair up is a good idea for two reasons; you’re going to be very sweaty and it will be a tangled mess by the end of day three!


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