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What Type of Dress is Best for Plus Size Women?

Regardless of your size and body shape, you won’t look good unless you pick the right pieces to add to your wardrobe. Some women believe that they can’t find what suits their plus-sized body so they end up buying things that don’t actually look good on them. Wearing something that makes you feel confident and comfortable will have a huge impact on your overall emotional, mental and physical well-being.

The key is to understand and appreciate your body. Then, you should do your homework and pick the right pieces that will flatter your body and make you look your best. Choosing a dress that was meant for someone else will only end up in frustration.

So what type of dress is best for plus size? How can you rock a feminine look if you have wide hips or a fuller bust? Here are a few tips.

Understanding Your Body

A plus-sized body comes in different shapes and all plus-sized bodies are beautiful. However, this means that you should understand the nature of your body and what will look exceptionally look good on you. At the same time, there are a few models that might not be very flattering and you should try to avoid or amend them to suit you better.

You could have an apple-shaped body. This means that you have much more weight around the middle section of your body. You might not have a defined waistline and should try to attract attention to the thinner part of your body. If you have wider shoulders or an inverted triangle body shape, your main goal is to add more balance to your figure. This is done by wearing pieces that will add volume to your bottom part.

Some plus-sized women have fuller hips and narrower shoulders. The lack of balance would look a lot more obvious if you’re not wearing pieces that would add more volume to the top part of your body. If you have an hourglass figure, then you probably have a thinner waist with fuller bust and hips. You just happen to have bigger proportions.

Choosing the Best Dress for Plus Size

No single dress would work for all body types. This is why you should take a good look at your body and choose something that suits it. After knowing your exact body type it’s time to choose the best dress. Here are a few tips.

1.Play with Colors

Using the game of light and shade you can add balance to a disproportionate body. The rule is that lighter shades will reveal while darker shades will conceal. If you want to make your top half look bigger, go for a color block dress that has a white top and a darker bottom part. Black dresses of all shapes will make you thinner than you already are. So if you have gained a few pounds that you want to hide for a special occasion, choose a black minimalist dress and pair it with the right accessories.

2.Define Your Waist

Even if you have a fuller mid-section, defining your waist will immediately make you look slimmer. Look for a dress with a cinched waist belt that automatically transforms your look into an hourglass and feminine figure. Thinner and elastic belts are usually better for plus-sized women. You can go for a wider belt that sits right below your bust if you’re trying to draw attention to this area as it will make your bust area look a lot more prominent.

3.Choose an A-line Dress

Having wider hips is never a problem if you know what to wear. An A-line dress will immediately make you look slimmer, taller, and will make your hips look less prominent. Having wider hips isn’t an issue, however, you might not be happy about the lack of balance between your upper and lower bottom. You can go short or long, depending on your mood.

4.Pick a Décolletage Dress

A décolletage dress will draw attention to your bust area. A plus-size woman will probably have more assets that she would like to show off. Having an innovative neckline will show the right amount of skin to make you look and feel sexy. At the same time, it will attract attention to this sexy part of your body if you have wider hips that make you feel more self-conscious.

5.Look for Tailored Dresses

If you have a fuller figure, you should avoid shapeless pieces. These dresses might look super comfortable to wear but they will make you look a lot heavier than you really are. Tailored dresses and other pieces will draw attention to your body and give you a sexy look. Using some details like buttons and ruffles, you can make a certain body part look bigger to add more balance to your body. You should avoid boxy and button-down dresses and look for something that has a defined waist. Jumpsuit dresses will make you look great.

Choosing the right length will have a huge impact on the way your dress will look. Most women will look great with something that hits slightly below or above the knee. If you choose to go for a midi dress, make sure that it doesn’t hit too low as it might make you look shorter. High and low lengths are sexy and will make you look playful and unique. You shouldn’t be afraid to try a new hemline as long as you’ve picked the right color.

Always pick the right size. Today you can find lots of high-quality brands that offer a special line for plus-sized beauties. Wearing something that was not meant for you will make you look and feel bad. Wearing a tight dress will actually make you look bigger.

Pair your dress with the right accessories. Picking the right footwear and bag will add to the overall elegant look. Don’t forget to add a few statement jewelry pieces.

Every woman can look her best if she understands what her body needs. If you follow these easy tips, you’ll always turn heads wherever you go.