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Top 3 Ways To Wear Vertical Striped Outfits

There is nothing more classic than vertical stripes. Very few prints have transcended seasons and decades as seamlessly as stripes have. Women’s plus size stripedtops come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and thickness. Vertical stripes are known to add length to a curvy body. Right from loungewear to outwear women’s plus size stripe topswork wonders just about anytime and anywhere. They are as ubiquitous on the catwalks as they are on the street. Here are three awesome ways to wear vertical stripes and feel like a showstopper everywhere you go.

Striped choker cut out tops

Vertical stripe print choker cut out top is a chic and bold couture option. It is a definite wardrobe staple this season. Woman’s plus size striped tops with a choker cut add immense confidence and power to your overall outfit. They give your neck an elongated look. This makes you look taller. They are perfectly chic and profoundly captivating. Striped choker tops are inherently sexy because they bring attention to the chest and décolletage. They let you show just the right amount of skin to keep the romantic mood going. They are perfect for first dates and party nights. You can also pair them up with formal pants and wear them to work.

Knotted striped ringer tees

Knotted striped ringer tees are striped ringer tees with a front knot. These kinds of woman’s plus size striped topsare perfect for that lazy leisure seeking casual day and work extremely well with denim shorts, tattered jeans, and capris. Knotted striped ringer tees are a no brainer. However, they are cute and chic as hell. They have comfort written all over them. A well fitted knotted striped ringer tee is a perfect casual outfit choice for plus size divas looking for a time-saving fashion strategy for a casual occasion. Wear it to the beach or wear it to the bar you ought to grab the limelight with this cute couture piece.

Stripe floral brushed swing dress

A stripe floral brushed swing dress exhibits the feminity attached to flowers and the finesse associated with vertical stripes simultaneously. This dress is what you exactly need to flaunt your unique yet chic style statement. A stripe floral brushed swing dress is comfortable and easy to wear. They are perfect for a casual day out. Stripe floral brushed swing dresses flatter your curves and your confidence.

There are a million ingenious ways of wearing stripe tops . Woman’s plus size striped topsare as weekend worthy as they are workday worthy. VIBE’s arsenal has stripes in galore. VIBE’s plus-sized striped tops come in a variety of colors and designs to fit different couture needs. Whether you are looking for a fun and fancy striped top for a casual occasion or a more formal and classy striped top for an elite gathering VIBE’s woman’s plus size striped tops are what you exactly need to add a little sunshine to your wardrobe this season.