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#FeelOurVIBE 2018

Building of the original idea that we would stay strictly in the wholesale business, we received a strong positive response to our product that lead us to expand to our own commerce channels in 2018.

With the idea that fashionable finds should not only be of quality and fair price but also readily available to women of all sizes, VIBE Apparel Co. was born

Inclusivity, individuality, and good vibes are our main pillars that we have grown our brand upon.

Our community known as the #VIBETRIBE are a group of confident fashion conscious ladies that continue to be a monumental part of our growing business. Evidenced by our various sales channels ranging from globally known Forever 21 and small town local Floral Hens Boutique – we have seen buyers, shoppers, and online influencers continuously come back for more product (available in sizes up to 3X)!

Last year, we called on our community to celebrate our official launch, #VIBETRIBE Day. Over three hundred individuals came together across the country for this online celebration. July 28th, 2017 was a special day as throughout the twenty four hours individuals got on their social platforms to share not only their favorite product but their excitement to be a part of our brand!

This year, we continue to celebrate all things positive and fashionable. We encourage and invite you to follow along with us... you won't want to miss it!

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