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​Face Mask Style in the Age of Coronavirus

Fashion trends come and go, but style is eternal. While most trends aren’t caused by a pandemic, COVID-19 has spurred a fashion trend that went from safety concerns to making an individual statement. This new fashion movement is a fabulous mix of science, politics, and personal style that is making quite the impact in the world. While some trends cater to a specific gender or personality, fashion facemasks have proven to transcend both of those while catering to your fashion sense.


All ages of women have shown particular interest in their facemasks. Not only are more women wearing masks, but age and culture have profoundly influenced their buying choices when it comes to what type, color, or pattern of the mask they want to wear. Personality is a significant driving interest in a lot of shopping choices. For the more practical woman, the essential 3-Ply surgical face mask like these are all that’s needed. But what about the more fashionable sensitive lady? A polka dot face mask may be just what’s needed. If your personality has a little more spice, these reusable cheetah masks are perfect. Even if you’re feeling a little conservative want something to match that floral dress you just bought, then perhaps a floral mask will help you stand out from the crowd? Finding the right mask to fit your personality and style is here, and even during a pandemic, you can still be fashionable while staying safe.


Face mask fashion for men isn’t forgotten. While most men don’t mind the sterile look of a surgical mask, some may want to add a little more flair before heading out to a public place. If you are one of those men, or perhaps married or dating one, then a camouflage mask could help bring your inner action hero, while keeping the COVID-19 at bay. For those at work, a colorful mask may not cut it in the workplace. If this is the case, or if you want something basic but still does the job, then a simple black face mask is always a favorite. If tie-dye is your thing, or if you’re stuck at home making tie-dye shirts with the family, a tie-dye mask will be fun to wear.

Face mask fashion has become a new trend as the pandemic continues to take its toll, and the nation reopens. While safety is essential for you and your family, having the right face mask is necessary. With the new trends of making homemade masks, many people are looking for ways to show off their personality and style with a specific type of mask that will turn heads or start a conversation (preferable from a six-foot distance of course). If you can’t sew, then one of these masks are perfect, and at an affordable price, it would make sense to get some for every outfit or, at the very least, enough to help you get through the week, so you don’t have to wash them daily.