2 Layer Reusable Mask-Versace

2 Layer Reusable Mask-Versace
SKU: 101865

Having trouble finding a reusable face mask that gets you excited? Stock up and order a Versace reusable masks today and be the envy of your block! These masks are stylish, breathable, and can be washed and reused. Cover up in a variety of styles, or find the one that fits you and stock up in bulk. Shop our exclusive line of face masks that show off your independence and personality during difficult. For comfortable masks that you can reuse and still adhere to all CDC guidelines for basic prevention and protection against the spread of infection. These face masks and covers are designed unisex and made for adult use.  


  • Poly Cotton: Chemically stable, and flexible in wide range of temperatures.
  • Skin friendly, washable and reusable.
  • Wash Instructions: HAND WASH ONLY (1/4 cup of white vinegar + 1 tsp salt per 1 gallon of warm water.)
  • Can wash up to 5 times. DO NOT USE LAUNDRY DETERGENT OR BLEACH.
  • Made in USA